The front windows of your building are what customers always see first. Business owners traditionally believed that maintaining clean, transparent windows was the best way to make their company look professional from the outside. Their philosophy was that if the inside of their building could be seen from the outside through clear windows, then people would be intrigued enough to want to enter.

As time went on, business owners realised that clear windows weren’t necessarily an asset after all. They determined that it was much better to use their windows as a marketing platform, and they were right. Just think about all the people that drive or walk past your commercial building each day. If your windows are bare, then you are missing out on so much of your advertising potential.

However, you must use highly effective advertising materials on your windows. It isn’t enough to just print out advertisements on paper and tape them to your window. This will look too tacky and unprofessional to people who pass by. If you really want to get people to stop and notice your window advertisements, then you’ll need graphics and logos on your windows which look natural and are reflective of the true professionalism of your company.