Project Description

Custom Vinyl Graphics for Petrol Station Glass Canopy –

It’s not quite the Sisteen Chapel at The Vatican, but the good people of Croydon can now enjoy a fantastic graphic sky display at their local BP petrol station thanks to

The existing glass panels of a large petrol station forecourt canopy were becoming discoloured and unsightly. Replacement glass panels would have cost a small fortune, so petrol station owners Rontec asked us to come up with a solution.We proposed to wrap the glass panels with a printed graphic which would not only disguise the old panels, but also create a stunning visual display. After much consultation, it was decided that the image would be of a beautiful blue sky with white summery clouds.

The arched glass canopy comprised of 408 individual 1200mm x 660mm glass panels with it’s highest point standing over 5 metres tall. We carried out a detailed survey, created an elevation template, our graphic designer then created the sky artwork before printing onto a grey backed permanent vinyl film. The grey back stopped the light from shining through which may have highlighted some of the discolored patches within the old panels. Installation took place throughout the night between the hours of 11pm and 6am over 5 nights by 2 expert installation teams using scissor lifts for access.

Our client is delighted with the ultra realistic result, and in that small part of Croydon, the revitalised canopy reminds customers of summer 365 days of the year.

  • Printed vinyl graphic wrap for glass canopy
  • Survey & create elevation drawings
  • In house graphic design
  • Grey back permanent vinyl film
  • High resolution Dual head VJ Eco-solvent print
  • Expert graphic application

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