Printed floor graphics always attract the most attention. Graphic Wall Wraps can print and install floor graphics of any size, shape, colour, and image that you want. It doesn’t matter if you need small decals or large floor-size graphics. We can create any type of printed floor graphics which you need to accommodate your flooring space.

For permanent floor graphic wraps, we will apply 3 coats of a special resin. This solution is formulated to add extra layers of protection to the floor graphics. In addition, the formula contains anti-slip technology to meet Health & Safety guidelines.

We have clients from several different industries requesting our printed floor graphic services. The range of clients includes leading attractions, retail stores, government agencies, large supermarkets, trade shows, and so many other organisations. With potentially hundreds or even thousands of people walking on commercial or public flooring every day, printed floor graphics provide all kinds of effective advertising and branding opportunities. If you have wide-open floor space, that is even better. It gives you the chance to really make your brand image stand out for everyone to see who walks over it.

When Graphic Wall Wraps proceeds with your order, we will evaluate your flooring thoroughly and prepare the dimensions appropriately. You don’t need to worry about anything other than telling us your specifications. Our team is trained to handle floor wrap installations and to ensure they’re done flawlessly for our customers. When we’re finished, the graphics will literally look like they’re a part of the floor. You won’t even notice that they’re wraps.